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    We don't roast your
    coffee beans until you
    place your order, ensuring
    the freshest, most flavorful
    cup of coffee delivered
    right to your door. No
    more wondering how
    long those grocery store
    beans have been sitting
    on the shelf!

  • 1 Bag, 1 Tree Initiative

    We have partnered with Sprout to plant one tree for each bag of our coffee sold. With the trees planted we are able to contribute to the reforestation of our world, and a reduction in the carbon footprint of the beverege we so dearly love!

  • Ethically and Sustainably Sourced

    We work with local small farmers to ensure that our coffee is both ethically and sustainably sourced. That means they aren't clearing forests in order to mass produce coffee that sits on shelves like the big guys.

EarthRoast Coffee

Highland Lakes Blend - Light Roast Specialty Coffee

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Highland Lakes Blend

Roast Level: Light Roast

Flavor Profile: Dried Fruit, Citrus, Light Body


Experience the delightful flavors of our Highland Lakes Blend, a light roast that highlights the best in specialty coffee. This blend is bursting with the vibrant notes of dried fruit and citrus, offering a light-bodied and refreshing cup. Perfect for those who appreciate the subtle nuances of high-quality, ethically sourced coffee, the Highland Lakes Blend is an ideal choice for a bright start to your day or a rejuvenating afternoon break.

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