EarthRoast Coffee Ambassadors

EarthRoast Coffee Ambassadors

Welcome to EarthRoast Coffee! My name is Charlie, and I am the passionate founder and sole operator behind this unique coffee brand. I am dedicated to providing the highest quality, ethically sourced, and sustainably produced organic coffee. For every bag sold, I plant a tree to help offset deforestation.

Collaboration Details

I’m excited to invite influencers to join me in promoting my mission. As part of our collab, you’ll receive a unique discount code that offers your audience 15% off their orders. In return, you’ll earn a commission on all sales generated through your code based on the following tiered system:

Commission Tiers

Sales Range Commission Rate Total Commission per Box
1-250 10% $1.53
251-500 12.5% $1.9125
501-1000 15% $2.295
1000+ 15% $2.295

How It Works

Sales Range: The number of boxes sold through your unique discount code.

Commission Rate: The percentage of each sale you earn as commission.

Total Commission per Box: The amount you earn for each box sold at the corresponding commission rate.

Example Earnings

10 Sales:
Total Commission: 10 * $1.53 = $15.30

50 Sales:
Total Commission: 50 * $1.53 = $76.50

250 Sales:
Total Commission: 250 * $1.53 = $382.50

500 Sales:
Commission for 1-250 sales: 250 * $1.53 = $382.50
Commission for 251-500 sales: 250 * $1.9125 = $478.125
Total Commission: $382.50 + $478.125 = $860.625

1000 Sales:
Commission for 1-250 sales: 250 * $1.53 = $382.50
Commission for 251-500 sales: 250 * $1.9125 = $478.125
Commission for 501-1000 sales: 500 * $2.295 = $1147.50
Total Commission: $382.50 + $478.125 + $1147.50 = $2008.125

What I Expect

Content Creation: Engaging content that highlights our coffee and sustainability initiatives.

Promotion Frequency: Share content about EarthRoast Coffee at least 8 times a month to align with the Rule of 7.

Authenticity: Genuine reviews and creative freedom are valued.

Benefits of Collaborating with EarthRoast Coffee

Fair Compensation: Earn a commission on sales based on our tiered system.

Exclusive Discounts: Offer your audience a special 15% discount.

Positive Impact: Be part of a brand that prioritizes sustainability and ethical practices.

Support: Receive personal support to ensure the collaboration is smooth and successful.

Influencer Criteria

Engagement: High engagement rates are prioritized over large followings.

Alignment: Your values and content should align with our mission of sustainability and ethical practices.

Reach: Open to working with influencers across various social media platforms.

I am thrilled to potentially work with you and look forward to creating a meaningful partnership that benefits both your audience and our planet. If you have any questions or need further details, feel free to reach out.


We are looking forward to hearing from you! Check our Ambassador page for more details!

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